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<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="NameSpace" SIZE=30 VALUE="root/cimv20">
String that defines the target namespace. See <a href="getnamespaces.html">NameSpace
Operations</a> for more information.<p><b><a href="">ClassName</a></b> <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="ClassName" SIZE=30>&nbsp;
- Defines the name of the Class to be retrieved. Null (no entry) lists all
+ Defines the name of the Class that is the basis for the enumeration.. Null (no entry) lists all
class names in the Namespace<p><b><a href="#DeepInheritance">DeepInheritance</a></b>
<INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="DeepInheritance" VALUE="true" checked>&nbsp;
If true return names of all subclasses of specified class. If false, only
@@ -55,7 +55,9 @@
target namespace
<p><a name="className"><b>className</b></a> - The <TT>ClassName</TT> input parameter defines the Class
- that is the basis for the enumeration.&nbsp;
+ that is the basis for the enumeration.&nbsp;Note that the class named is not
+ retrieved as part of the enumeration. Thus, if there are no subclasses to
+ the named class, zero classe names are returned.
<p><a name="DeepInheritance"><b>DeepInheritance</b></a> - If the DeepInheritance input parameter is true, this
specifies that the names of all subclasses of the specified Class should be
@@ -63,7 +65,7 @@
names of all Classes in the target Namespace should be returned). If false,
only the names of immediate child subclasses are returned (if the ClassName
input parameter is NULL, this implies that the names of all base Classes in
- the target Namespace should be returned).
+ the target Namespace should be returned.
<h2>C++ Call</h2>
diff --git a/cgi/htdocs/enumeratenamespaces.html b/cgi/htdocs/enumeratenamespaces.html
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--- a/cgi/htdocs/enumeratenamespaces.html
+++ b/cgi/htdocs/enumeratenamespaces.html
@@ -10,12 +10,12 @@
<form METHOD=GET ACTION="/pegasus/cgi-bin/CGIClient">
- <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="Operation" VALUE="EnumerateInstances">
+ <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="Operation" VALUE="EnumerateInstanceNames">
<a name="TOP"></a>
- This request enumerates the namespaces defined in the repository. This is not a CIM intrinsic method.<p><b><a href="#NameSpace">NameSpace</a></b>
+ This request enumerates the namespaces defined in the repository. This is not a CIM intrinsic method but uses CIM enumerateInstance.<p><b><a href="#NameSpace">NameSpace</a></b>
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="NameSpace" SIZE=30 VALUE="root">&nbsp;
Defined the root namespace where the __Namespace class is defined.<p><b><a href="#ClassName">ClassName</a></b> <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="ClassName" SIZE=30 VALUE="__Namespace">&nbsp;&nbsp;
Defined the __Namespace class within the repository
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<p style="line-height: 100%; margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0"><font size="1">Last
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&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Copyright @ The Open Group 2001&nbsp;</font>
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