BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ad_domain_local_groupswipSumit Bose5 years
add_upn_support_for_sid_requestsnss: allow UPNs in SSS_NSS_GETSIDBYNAME and SSS_NSS_GETORIGBYNAMESumit Bose5 years
certificate_mappingcertmap openssl fixSumit Bose5 years
email-loginIPA: fix lookup by UPN for subdomainsSumit Bose5 years
fill_grent_with_viewWIP use memberofSumit Bose5 years
fq_reviewAllow flat name in the FQname formatJakub Hrozek9 years
gdm_sc_fixpam_sss: check PKCS11_LOGIN_TOKEN_NAMESumit Bose5 years
ipa_automatic_enterpriseIPA/AD: globally set krb5 canonicalization flagSumit Bose5 years
ipa_provider_n2fix for 285Sumit Bose12 years
jhrozek-nssattrCheck right end of stringLukas Slebodnik8 years
jhrozek_sysdb_fqdnexpand name in ipa_add_ad_memberships_get_next()Sumit Bose5 years
krb5_rebasefix detection of authentication against LOCAL domainSumit Bose12 years
libwbclient-0.13libwbclient-sssd: update interface to version 0.13Sumit Bose5 years
masterIPA: Use GC for AD initgroup requestsSumit Bose8 years
master-upn-from_pacIPA: read user and group SIDSumit Bose9 years
memberof_default_viewwipSumit Bose5 years
my_headFirst try to read mirgation flagSumit Bose12 years
new_backend_targetadd infrastructure to handle new backend targetsSumit Bose12 years
one_certificate_multiple_usersPAM: allow muliple users mapped to a certificateSumit Bose5 years
pamstarted local backendSumit Bose13 years
policy_stuffget_policiesSumit Bose13 years
promptingWIP auth ind promptingSumit Bose6 years
python_apiAdd python interface to nss_idmapSumit Bose9 years
reviewRemove branching to improve readabilityJakub Hrozek9 years
simoStop creating fake sysdb contextsSimo Sorce9 years
smartcardFix recv sizeSumit Bose5 years
sssd-1-2-proxySwap SBus client server role between proxy and proxy_childSumit Bose12 years
subdomain-password-authenticationOnly build extract_and_send_pac on platforms that support itJakub Hrozek9 years
subdomainsWIP: PAC responderSumit Bose9 years
wipPAC: check return value of hash_entriesPavel Reichl8 years
wip-extdomIPA: add view supportSumit Bose7 years
wip-viewsnss: use negative cache for sid-by-id requestsSumit Bose6 years