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MAN: Update description of sssctl
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<refsect1 id='description'>
- <command>sssctl</command> provides simple and unified way to obtain
- information about SSSD status such as active server or list of
- auto-discovered servers and domains or information about cached
- objects. It also provides tools to manage SSSD data files during
- troubleshooting such as a safe way to remove cache files or fetching
- all SSSD log files and more.
+ <command>sssctl</command> provides a simple and unified way
+ to obtain information about SSSD status, such as active server,
+ auto-discovered servers, domains and cached objects. In addition,
+ it can manage SSSD data files for troubleshooting in such a way
+ that is safe to manipulate while SSSD is running.
@@ -42,7 +41,7 @@
To list all available commands run <command>sssctl</command>
- without any parameter. To print help for selected command
+ without any parameters. To print help for selected command
run <command>sssctl COMMAND --help</command>.