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* debian: Clean up a debug message.Richard W.M. Jones2011-10-181-3/+2
* debian: Fix Debian package handler when --use-installed not given.Richard W.M. Jones2011-10-181-3/+7
* debian: Get installed package list in the ph_init handler.Richard W.M. Jones2011-10-181-14/+9
* Don't pass use_installed to every package handler function.Richard W.M. Jones2011-10-186-29/+40
* debian: Don't always try to run dpkg-query command.Richard W.M. Jones2011-10-141-6/+17
* Find package dependencies fix for pacman.Erik Nolte2011-10-141-8/+7
* febootstrap: Use contents of installed Debian packages instead of downloading...Hilko Bengen2011-09-239-22/+96
* yum-rpm: Add more debugging to the Python code.Richard W.M. Jones2011-09-141-5/+17
* Stable OCaml dependencies.Richard Jones2011-09-122-22/+15
* Move febootstrap into src/ subdirectory.Richard W.M. Jones2011-09-0114-0/+1942