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* Merge branch 'master' of K Nambiar2014-11-251-0/+0
| * Rename README to README.mdSanthosh Thottingal2014-11-191-0/+0
* | Add Makefile to build ttf/woff/eot and testRajeesh K Nambiar2014-11-251-0/+22
* | Add fontconfig file for Meera. Thanks to Fedora projectRajeesh K Nambiar2014-11-161-0/+21
* [Meera] Bring back pres rules with half forms for ra-forms of consonantsRajeesh K Nambiar2014-11-111-1/+25
* [Meera] Bring back half forms of consonants.Rajeesh K Nambiar2014-11-111-1189/+3177
* Revert "[Meera] Correct RBearing of vocalic RR"Santhosh Thottingal2014-11-111-1425/+335
* [Meera] Correct RBearing of vocalic RRSanthosh Thottingal2014-11-111-335/+1425
* Merge branch 'master' of into anivar-masterSanthosh Thottingal2014-11-102-7/+7
| * Versioning correctionsAnivar Aravind2014-11-081-3/+3
| * Text Modification in copyright field. Added Missing contributersAnivar Aravind2014-10-281-3/+3
| * Text Modification in copyright fieldAnivar Aravind2014-10-281-4/+4
* | [Meera] Unify Chillu glyphs - assign ligature rules and code points to same g...Santhosh Thottingal2014-11-071-1309/+1234
* | [Metainfo] Fix more xml tag issuesRajeesh K Nambiar2014-10-211-1/+1
* [Meera] Remove ശ്ബ stacked formSanthosh Thottingal2014-10-181-181/+97
* Merge branch 'meera-glyph-reference' of into...Rajeesh K Nambiar2014-10-171-4997/+2916
| * [Meera] using reference for ബ്ഗ്ര, വ്, ല് and യ്Jishnu Mohan2014-10-021-2661/+2497
| * [Meera] using s1 as reference for s1* glyphsJishnu Mohan2014-10-021-4783/+2866
* | Add metainfo file for AppData/Software Center integrationRajeesh K Nambiar2014-10-161-0/+7
* | [Meera] Fix dotreph positioning with halant/virama.Rajeesh K Nambiar2014-10-051-1/+1
* Fix all repeated glyphs in vowels with referencesSanthosh Thottingal2014-09-211-434/+57
* Replace virama+la sign with referencesSanthosh Thottingal2014-09-211-3971/+3655
* Replace all repeated occurances of ക with reference glyphsSanthosh Thottingal2014-09-211-3438/+2198
* Revert "[Meera] Add missing mlm2 akhn rule for യ്വ y1v1 glyph"Rajeesh K Nambiar2014-03-301-1/+0
* [Meera] Add missing mlm2 akhn rule for യ്വ y1v1 glyphRajeesh K Nambiar2014-03-201-0/+1
* [Meera]Add new glyph for ങ്ഗRajeesh K Nambiar2014-02-201-1/+15
* [Meera] Remove glyphs with ത്ത stacked with ക ശ മSanthosh Thottingal2014-02-091-391/+63
* [Meera] Remove two unuseed glyphsSanthosh Thottingal2014-02-091-261/+69
* [Meera] Use rotated reference of NA glyph for DHASanthosh Thottingal2014-02-091-31/+4
* [Meera] Use reference of vowel sign E for for vowel sign AISanthosh Thottingal2014-02-091-64/+5
* [Meera] Use reference of Vocalic L and LL for their signsSanthosh Thottingal2014-02-091-119/+7
* [Meera] Use glyph of SA for DA with rotationSanthosh Thottingal2014-02-091-44/+9
* [Meera] use reference of ZHA for all stacked forms of ZHASanthosh Thottingal2014-02-091-2532/+1481
* [Meera] Remove duplication of Chillu glyphs by using referencesSanthosh Thottingal2014-02-091-309/+11
* Add panose values for font classification. Fedora bug#803234Pravin Satpute2014-01-261-1/+1
* Adjusted the right bearing of quarter symbolKavya Manohar2014-01-161-4/+4
* [Meera] half forms were removed in earlier commit, remove them from pres look...Rajeesh K Nambiar2013-11-091-26/+3
* [Meera] correct dotrephy1y1 and dotrephv1v1 lookup rulesRajeesh K Nambiar2013-11-091-19/+19
* [Meera] Correct the internal glyph for 0D4E- ൌSanthosh Thottingal2013-10-241-31/+90
* [Meera, Rachana] Fix pstf forms of യ, ല, വ for mlym specRajeesh K Nambiar2013-10-231-8/+11
* Merge branch 'mlm2' into 'master'Rajeesh K Nambiar2013-10-191-6232/+3811
| * [Meera, Rachana] Tag glyph class of Dotreph as 'Mark'Rajeesh K Nambiar2013-10-171-1/+1
| * [Meera,Rachana] Use new Mark Class "nomark" with no glyphs to skip marks (dot...Rajeesh K Nambiar2013-10-161-3/+4
| * [Meera] "Ignore Combining Marks" for "psts" lookup.Rajeesh K Nambiar2013-10-161-3/+3
| * [Meera]Fixed the non-smooth സ glyphKavya Manohar2013-10-121-1210/+1181
| * [Meera] Remove all copies of പ and replaced with referenceSanthosh Thottingal2013-10-121-1727/+1178
| * [Meera] Introduce anchror class 'chandrakkala' and remove glyphs with chandra...Santhosh Thottingal2013-10-121-2151/+123
| * [Meera] Reinstate psts rule for y1y1 and v1v1 so as not to break old shapersRajeesh K Nambiar2013-10-111-0/+2
| * [Meera] Fix rendering of യ്യു, വൂSanthosh Thottingal2013-10-111-11/+7
| * [Meera,Rachana] Release 6.0-RCRajeesh K Nambiar2013-09-291-5/+5