tag name5.1 (dce4449b88da5ba77042120782c619c1b7dcf343)
tag date2013-10-13 18:50:54 +0200
tagged byRajeesh K Nambiar <>
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SMC Malayalam fonts release 5.1
* Updated for Harfbuzz and Uniscribe shaping engines * Cleaned up and updated lookup tables * Meaningful names to glyphs to help with Lookup tables reusability * Old Figures and other Typographical glyphs such as double quotes to Rachana * Dotreph positioning using GPOS 'abvm' lookup * Unicode 6.1 Malayalam glyphset for many fonts * Improved Latin glyphs and kerning for Meera * Experimental usage of reference glyphs for some conjunct glyphs * Removed hinting instructions, reduced TTF file size * Several bugfixes, lookup corrections, glyph improvements * Many test cases added