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* [Meera] Fix ല്ക്ക mappingRajeesh K Nambiar2013-08-091-2/+2
* Add stacked glyph for 'ജ്മ'. Test case 'അജ്മീര്‍'.Rajeesh K Nambiar2013-08-042-0/+187
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// K Nambiar2013-08-020-0/+0
| * [Meera] Reinstate 'psts' rule with 'half' forms for Ya and La instead of 'akhn'Rajeesh K Nambiar2013-08-021-24/+21
* | [Meera] Reinstate 'psts' rule with 'half' forms for Ya and La instead of 'akhn'Rajeesh K Nambiar2013-08-021-24/+21
* [Meera] Fix 'സ്പ്ല' rendering - added new glyphRajeesh K Nambiar2013-08-011-0/+97
* [Meera] Add missing 'psts' rule for r2 'ൄ'Rajeesh K Nambiar2013-08-011-76/+25
* [Rachana] Fix 'ൄ' naming 'r2'Rajeesh K Nambiar2013-08-011-3/+3
* [Rachana] Fix 'സ്പ്ല' rendering - added new glyphRajeesh K Nambiar2013-07-311-0/+106
* Rachana: Add glyph ൎദ and change 'akhn' to 'pres' for ൎദ്രRajeesh K Nambiar2013-07-211-1/+49
* Rachana: 'akhn' to 'psts' correction for ൎന്നു, and add ൎന്...Rajeesh K Nambiar2013-07-211-1/+75
* Rachana: 'akhn' to 'psts' correction for ൎതൃ, ൎത്തൃRajeesh K Nambiar2013-07-211-2/+2
* Rachana: Use 'psts' instead of 'akhn' for <dotreph,ch3,u1>Rajeesh K Nambiar2013-07-201-1/+1
* Rachana: Use 'psts' rule instead of 'akhn' for ligatures involving ു, ൂ, ൃRajeesh K Nambiar2013-07-201-8/+8
* Rachana,Meera: More fixes to <Va,Virama,Va>, <Ya,Virama,Ya> casesRajeesh K Nambiar2013-07-173-1/+4
* Corrected the mapping for the glyph 'dotrephjju'Kavya Manohar2013-06-302-4/+4
* Fix dotrephy1yy1 using pstsSanthosh Thottingal2013-06-291-11/+69
* Add akhn also for vvaSanthosh Thottingal2013-06-291-1/+2
* Rachana: Fix dotreph vva (dotreph v1 xx v1)Rajeesh K Nambiar2013-06-231-2/+1
* Reinstate 'pres' rules in combination with 'half' for La, Ya and Va.Rajeesh K Nambiar2013-06-231-21/+21
* Reinstate 'half' rules - needed for ICU Layout Engine :-(. This reverts 14bb0...Rajeesh K Nambiar2013-06-232-104/+77
* [Meera] Fix bug in y1xxy1xx renderingSanthosh Thottingal2013-06-232-42/+43
* Fix ാം renderingSanthosh Thottingal2013-06-224-1177/+1275
* [Rachana] Round the position points to intSanthosh Thottingal2013-06-222-300/+254
* Rachana- Glyphs for DOT REPH (04DE)Santhosh Thottingal2013-06-222-1080/+5696
* Give default positioning for dot repha 0D4ESanthosh Thottingal2013-06-211-10/+10
* Add more glyphs to Raghu MalayalamSanthosh Thottingal2013-06-072-24/+200
* Update RaghuMalayalam with Chillu charactersSanthosh Thottingal2013-06-071-6/+393
* Rachana: Remove 'half' forms and adjust 'pres' rules accordingly (for mlym).Rajeesh K Nambiar2013-04-282-78/+35
* Meera: Fix another 'akhn' ruleRajeesh K Nambiar2013-04-262-2/+2
* Meera: More akhn fixes - all cases should be covered now.Rajeesh K Nambiar2013-04-261-8/+8
* Rachana: fix 'psts' rule for യ്തുRajeesh K Nambiar2013-04-231-3/+4
* Revert "Port Rachana to mlm2 opentype spec while keeping mlym compatible."Rajeesh K Nambiar2013-04-212-806/+800
* Rachana: more 'akhn' fixesRajeesh K Nambiar2013-04-211-8/+8
* Port Rachana to mlm2 opentype spec while keeping mlym compatible.Rajeesh K Nambiar2013-03-312-800/+806
* Add a todo file. We have lot of work to do!Santhosh Thottingal2013-03-311-0/+7
* Remov wrong prebase substitution rule for ബ്രSanthosh Thottingal2013-03-312-1/+0
* Ligature formation rules for ദ്ഗ ദ്ന ദ്ല ദ്ബ ദ്മSanthosh Thottingal2013-03-312-0/+5
* Ligature formation rules for ഥ്ര and ഥൃSanthosh Thottingal2013-03-312-1/+3
* Add psts rule for p4r2 - ഭൄ - (U0D2D+U0D44)Santhosh Thottingal2013-03-312-2/+4
* Add all the glyphs defined in unicode 6.0Santhosh Thottingal2013-03-302-156/+735
* Add rest of the glyphs defined unicode 6.0Santhosh Thottingal2013-03-232-26/+645
* Minor line ending fixesSanthosh Thottingal2013-03-231-43/+43
* Documentation updatesSanthosh Thottingal2013-03-233-21126/+28
* Remove hintsing instructionsSanthosh Thottingal2013-03-232-279384/+1055
* Updated README with some clean upSanthosh Thottingal2013-03-231-11/+28
* Font information changesSanthosh Thottingal2013-03-231-3/+3
* Remove autohintingSanthosh Thottingal2013-03-232-325547/+1162
* Update TTF version of Rachana with recent changesSanthosh Thottingal2013-03-171-0/+0
* Remove empty Akhant lookup, re-number other lookup tablesSanthosh Thottingal2013-03-172-774/+773