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+RaghuMalayalam is the name of a digital font - a typeface in Malayalam Script to be used for composing text in Malayalam language. It has been originally designed in Open Type Format with Unicode standards and reordering as well as combining characters according to the visual syllable standard of IndiX Compugraphy.
+This first Version called RaghuMalayalam font Original Version 1.00 (2005) is a non-hinted text face, to be used for continuous text in Malayalm language. And is recommended to be used in minimum 14pt. size on screen and 10pt. size on paper (see the README file). The designed letterforms of RaghuMalayalam font in Malayalam script, have elegant structures of thick and thin strokes. Vertical strokes contain a slight curvature and scooped ends.
+RaghuMalayalam font Original Version 1.00 (2005) has been designed and developed, by Prof. R. K. Joshi (TypeFont Design Director, Visiting Design Specialist at C-DAC Mumbai) in association with Mr. Rajith Kumar K. M. (TypeFont Designer), assisted by Mr. Nirmal Biswas, Ms. Jui Mhatre and Ms. Supriya Kharkar at C-DAC Mumbai (formerly NCST).
+In 2008, developers from swathanthra Malayalam Computing started maintaining the font as a tribute to him. Suresh P modified opentype tables and added more glyphs to make it compatible with modern rendering systems .