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Respond to question as doc patch about standalone puppet use.
Thanks to Louis Zuckerman for participating in this new way of getting questions answered... and for reviewing the doc patch too!
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###Can I use it without a puppetmaster?
+Yes, you can use Puppet-Gluster without a puppetmaster, however you will lose
+out on some advantages and features that are simply not possible without one.
+The features you will miss out on are Puppet-Gluster features, that make
+configuring this module easier, and not any core GlusterFS features.
+For example, without a puppetmaster, [gluster::simple](#glustersimple) will not
+be able to work, because it relies on the puppetmaster for the exchange of
+[exported resources](
+so that Puppet-Gluster can automatically figure out how many hosts are present
+in your cluster.
+To use Puppet-Gluster without a puppetmaster, you'll most likely want to use a
+configuration that is similar to the [verbose distributed-replicate](
+The more philosophical way of thinking about this is that if you want to
+have multi-hosts coordination of things, so that your life as a sysadmin is
+easier, then you'll need to use a puppetmaster so that there is a central
+point of coordination. This is a current design limitation of puppet.
+Please note that you can still use the [VIP as a DLM](#do-i-need-to-use-a-virtual-ip).
###Puppet runs fail with "Invalid relationship" errors.
When running Puppet, you encounter a compilation failure like:
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