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<para>You have to set some environment variables, such as
<envar>LANG</envar>, <envar>LC_CTYPE</envar>, <envar>LC_MESSAGES</envar> to your local language.
Usually <envar>LANG</envar> (or <envar>LC_ALL</envar>) is sufficient. Note that modern distributions and operating systems do this for you automatically.</para>
+ <para>Under UNIX, if you need to set e.g. the <envar>LANG</envar> environment variable manually, execute the following command (using <literal>sh</literal> or related shell):</para>
+ <para><command>export LANG=<replaceable>value</replaceable></command></para>
+ <para>Replace <replaceable>value</replaceable> with a valid ISO <ulink url="">language code</ulink> (e.g. <literal>en_GB</literal> for British English).</para>
+ <para>If you intend to set the displayed language manually under Windows, you can do so by creating the
+<envar>LANG</envar> environment variable with a valid ISO language code value under <menuchoice>
+ <guimenu>Control Panel</guimenu>
+ <guimenuitem>System</guimenuitem>
+ <guisubmenu>Advanced</guisubmenu>
+ <guibutton>Environment Variables</guibutton>
+ </menuchoice>.</para>
+ <para>Also see the <link linkend="faq-environment-variables">question</link> regarding environment variables that have effect on Sylpheed.</para>
@@ -279,4 +290,4 @@ parameter. Example: <command>gedit &apos;%s&apos;</command></para>
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