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<title>Change your timezone</title>
- <p>You can choose different geographical locations by following this steps:</p>
+ <p>You can choose your geographical location by following this steps:</p>
- <item><p>Right-click on the Clock Panel.</p></item>
- <item><p>Choose <gui>Preferences</gui> and select the <gui>Locations</gui> tab.</p></item>
- <item><p>Press the <gui>Add</gui> button.</p></item>
- <item><p>Fill the <gui>Location name</gui> field by typing your city, region or country name, as you match it with the options shown in the drop down box that appears immediately.</p></item>
-<item><p>To finish just press <gui>Ok</gui> and if you do not want to keep the changes done, press <gui>Cancel</gui>.</p></item>
-<p>Notice that the <gui>Timezone</gui>, <gui>Latitude</gui> and <gui>Longitude</gui> will be automatically filled in when you select the <gui>Location name</gui> from the pop-up options.</p>
-<p>You can add many locations as you can select them whenever you want. So, the time and weather will adjust to the location selected in the moment. </p>
+ <item><p>Click on the Clock, sited in the top bar.</p></item>
+ <item><p>Choose <gui>Date and Time Settings</gui>.</p></item>
+ <item><p>Selecting your current continent and finally your current city (from the drop-down menu)</p></item>
+ </steps>
+<note><p>Notice that the hour will not change automatically when you set different locations, so you have to do it by yourself</p></note>