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Add fingerprint enrollment info
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<page xmlns=""
- style="task"
<link type="guide" xref="session#login"/>
- <desc>XXXXX</desc>
- <revision pkgversion="3.0" version="0.1" date="2011-03-19" status="stub"/>
+ <desc>Depending on your hardware and the way your network is administered, you may want to choose a different way to log in.</desc>
+ <revision pkgversion="3.0" version="0.2" date="2011-03-19" status="candidate"/>
<credit type="author">
<name>GNOME Documentation Project</name>
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<include href="legal.xml" xmlns=""/>
-<title>Log-in using a smart card, fingerprint reader or similar</title>
+ <title>Log in using a smart card, fingerprint reader or similar</title>
- <comment>
+ <section id="login-fingerprint">
+ <title>Log in with a fingerprint</title>
+ <p>If your system has a fingerprint scanner, you can record your fingerprint and use it to log in. You must have administrative privileges to perform these steps.</p>
+ <steps>
+ <item>
+ <p>Select your user name in the upper right-hand corner, then choose "My Account".</p>
+ </item>
+ <item>
+ <p>Unlock your account using the "Unlock" button at the bottom left of the User Accounts tool.</p>
+ </item>
+ <item>
+ <p>Enter your password at the prompt.</p>
+ </item>
+ <item>
+ <p>Select the "Disabled" option next to "Fingerprint Login".</p>
+ </item>
+ <item>
+ <p>Select an option for the fingerprint you want to register. You may choose your right index finger, your left index finger, or a different finger. Then select "Forward".</p>
+ </item>
+ <item>
+ <p>Swipe the finger you selected three times at moderate speed over your fingerprint reader. Each time the fingerprint reader recognizes your fingerprint properly, the corresponding picture of a hand will transform into a picture of a fingerprint with a check mark. After the third swipe, you will see the message "Done!"</p>
+ </item>
+ <item>
+ <p>Select "Forward". You will see a confirmation message that your fingerprint was saved successfully. Select "Close" to finish.</p>
+ </item>
+ </steps>
+ <note>
+ <p>If you register a fingerprint, you still have the option to log in with your password.</p>
+ </note>
+ </section>
+ <!-- <comment>
<cite date="2010-10-31" href="">GNOME Documentation Project</cite>
<p>This one is complicated!</p>
<p>Explain how to set-up and use different methods of authentication for when the user logs in, e.g. fingerprint readers and smart cards.</p>
- </comment>
+ </comment> -->