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* Flavr... package haz it.Paul W. Frields2008-06-281-0/+4
* Leave more spacing around table, and style title appropriatelyPaul W. Frields2007-03-092-4/+16
* Sorry, should have worked this out better before the first commit. This is i...Paul W. Frields2007-03-052-6/+4
* Turn down the font a little so as not to stick out.Paul W. Frields2007-03-052-4/+2
* Add simple segmented list formatting that complements the rest of our themePaul W. Frields2007-03-052-0/+46
* Increase line height for readability - this is an EXPERIMENTAL feature (#170204)Paul W. Frields2007-02-181-0/+4
* Make slight larger gutter for improved readability (#170204)Paul W. Frields2007-02-182-0/+4
* Change listitem rendering slightly to ensure <step> in <procedure> works prop...Paul W. Frields2006-06-042-2/+10
* Unclutter procedures that include screen elements per stepPaul W. Frields2006-01-212-1/+6
* Superceeded by "fedora-draft.css" and "fedora-plain.css" and deleted!Tommy Reynolds2005-12-011-149/+0
* Added ${HTMLCSS} and ${HTMLCSSEXTRA} macros to "docs-common/Makefile.common"Tommy Reynolds2005-12-011-0/+149
* FDP stylesheet for DRAFT versions. Needs "/watermark.png" in top levelTommy Reynolds2005-11-232-0/+158
* Center paragraph (aka figure) titles, since the figure is also centered.Tommy Reynolds2005-11-031-0/+4
* Better agreement with the official web site color schemePaul W. Frields2005-07-301-3/+13
* Heading and admonition color changes to provide new Fedora branded feelPaul W. Frields2005-07-291-3/+3
* Improve readability a bit without wasting so much space; include itemizedlistsPaul W. Frields2005-05-181-2/+10
* #154463Paul W. Frields2005-04-231-0/+8
* add box around examplesTammy Fox2004-09-171-0/+6
* make screens look pretty too, bug #129005Tammy Fox2004-08-131-0/+13
* rename css fileTammy Fox2003-10-021-0/+0
* add css to make it look betterTammy Fox2003-07-171-0/+89