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* po/id.po: Starting Indonesian Translation
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+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: docs-common\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2007-10-18 08:12-0700\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2008-02-22 17:15+0700\n"
+"Last-Translator: Dapid Candra <>\n"
+"Language-Team: Penerjemah Bahasa Indonesia <>\n"
+"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
+"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
+"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:4(title)
+msgid "These common entities are useful shorthand terms and names, which may be subject to change at anytime. This is an important value the the entity provides: a single location to update terms and common names."
+msgstr "Istilah umum berikut adalah singkatan istilah dan nama yang berguna, namun dapat berubah sewaktu - waktu. Nilai penting yang disediakan adalah: satu lokasi untuk memperbaharui istilah dan nama umum."
+#: entities-en_US.xml:7(comment)
+#: entities-en_US.xml:15(comment)
+msgid "Generic root term"
+msgstr "Istilah dasar umum"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:8(text)
+msgid "Fedora"
+msgstr "Fedora"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:11(comment)
+msgid "Generic root term in lowercase"
+msgstr "Istilah dasar umum dalam huruf kecil"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:12(text)
+msgid "fedora"
+msgstr "fedora"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:16(text)
+msgid "Core"
+msgstr "Inti"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:19(comment)
+msgid "Generic main project name"
+msgstr "Nama projek utama"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:23(comment)
+msgid "Legacy Entity"
+msgstr "Legacy Entity"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:27(comment)
+msgid "Short project name"
+msgstr "Nama pendek projek"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:28(text)
+msgid "F"
+msgstr "F"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:31(comment)
+msgid "Generic overall project name"
+msgstr "Nama projek lengkap"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:32(text)
+msgid "<use entity=\"FED\"/> Project"
+msgstr "<use entity=\"FED\"/>Projek"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:35(comment)
+msgid "Generic docs project name"
+msgstr "Nama projek dokumentasi generik"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:36(text)
+msgid "<use entity=\"FED\"/> Documentation Project"
+msgstr "<use entity=\"FED\"/> Projek Dokumentasi"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:39(comment)
+msgid "Short docs project name"
+msgstr "Nama p"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:40(text)
+msgid "<use entity=\"FED\"/> Docs Project"
+msgstr "<use entity=\"FED\"/> Docs Project"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:43(comment)
+msgid "cf. Core"
+msgstr "cf. Inti"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:44(text)
+msgid "Extras"
+msgstr "Bonus"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:47(comment)
+msgid "cf. Fedora Core"
+msgstr "cf. Inti Fedora"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:51(comment)
+msgid "Fedora Docs Project URL"
+msgstr "URL Projek Dokumentasi Fedora"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:55(comment)
+msgid "Fedora Project URL"
+msgstr "URL Projek Fedora"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:59(comment)
+msgid "Fedora Documentation (repository) URL"
+msgstr "Fedora Documentation (repository) URL"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:63(comment)
+#: entities-en_US.xml:64(text)
+msgid "Bugzilla"
+msgstr "Bugzilla"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:67(comment)
+msgid "Bugzilla URL"
+msgstr "URL Bugzilla"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:71(comment)
+msgid "Bugzilla product for Fedora Docs"
+msgstr "Produk bugzilla untuk Dokumentasi Fedora"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:72(text)
+msgid "<use entity=\"FED\"/> Documentation"
+msgstr "<use entity=\"FED\"/> Documentation"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:77(comment)
+msgid "Current release version of main project"
+msgstr "Versi rilis terakhir projek utama"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:78(text)
+msgid "8"
+msgstr "8"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:81(comment)
+msgid "Alias for FCVER"
+msgstr "Alias untuk FCVER"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:85(comment)
+msgid "Current test number of main project"
+msgstr "Nomor pengujian terakhir untuk Projek utama "
+#: entities-en_US.xml:86(text)
+msgid "Alpha"
+msgstr "Alfa"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:89(comment)
+msgid "Current test version of main project"
+msgstr "Versi pengujian terakhir untuk Projek utama "
+#: entities-en_US.xml:90(text)
+msgid "9 <use entity=\"TESTVER\"/>"
+msgstr "9 <use entity=\"TESTVER\"/>"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:93(comment)
+msgid "Alias for FCTESTVER"
+msgstr "Alias untuk FCTESTVER"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:99(comment)
+msgid "DocBook version for primary use"
+msgstr "Versi DocBook untuk penggunaan utama"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:100(text)
+msgid "4.4"
+msgstr "4.4"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:105(comment)
+msgid "The generic term \"Red Hat\""
+msgstr "Istilah umum \"Red Hat\""
+#: entities-en_US.xml:106(text)
+msgid "Red Hat"
+msgstr "Red Hat"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:109(comment)
+msgid "The generic term \"Red Hat, Inc.\""
+msgstr "Istilah umum \"Red Hat, Inc.\""
+#: entities-en_US.xml:110(text)
+msgid "<use entity=\"RH\"/> Inc."
+msgstr "<use entity=\"RH\"/> Inc."
+#: entities-en_US.xml:113(comment)
+msgid "The generic term \"Red Hat Linux\""
+msgstr "Istilah umum \"Red Hat Linux\""
+#: entities-en_US.xml:114(text)
+msgid "<use entity=\"RH\"/> Linux"
+msgstr "<use entity=\"RH\"/> Linux"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:117(comment)
+msgid "The generic term \"Red Hat Network\""
+msgstr "Istilah umum \"Red Hat Network\""
+#: entities-en_US.xml:118(text)
+msgid "<use entity=\"RH\"/> Network"
+msgstr "<use entity=\"RH\"/> Network"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:121(comment)
+msgid "The generic term \"Red Hat Enterprise Linux\""
+msgstr "Istilah generik \"Red Hat Enterprise Linux\""
+#: entities-en_US.xml:122(text)
+msgid "<use entity=\"RH\"/> Enterprise Linux"
+msgstr "<use entity=\"RH\"/> Enterprise Linux"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:127(comment)
+msgid "Generic technology term"
+msgstr "Istilah teknologi generik"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:128(text)
+msgid "SELinux"
+msgstr "SELinux"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:133(comment)
+msgid "Legal notice container"
+msgstr "Penampung peringatan hukum"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:134(text)
+msgid "legalnotice-en_US.xml"
+msgstr "legalnotice-en_US.xml"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:137(comment)
+msgid "Legal notice content"
+msgstr "Isi peringatan hukum"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:138(text)
+msgid "legalnotice-content-en_US.xml"
+msgstr "legalnotice-content-en_US.xml"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:141(comment)
+msgid "OPL legal notice container"
+msgstr "Penampung peringatan hukum OPL"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:142(text)
+msgid "legalnotice-opl-en_US.xml"
+msgstr "legalnotice-opl-en_US.xml"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:145(comment)
+msgid "OPL legal notice content"
+msgstr "Isi peringatan hukum OPL"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:146(text)
+msgid "opl.xml"
+msgstr "opl.xml"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:149(comment)
+#: entities-en_US.xml:153(comment)
+msgid "OPL legal notice for relnotes"
+msgstr "Peringatan hukum untuk relnotes OPL"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:150(text)
+msgid "legalnotice-relnotes-en_US.xml"
+msgstr "legalnotice-relnotes-en_US.xml"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:154(text)
+msgid "legalnotice-section-en_US.xml"
+msgstr "legalnotice-section-en_US.xml"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:157(comment)
+msgid "Bug reporting tip"
+msgstr "Tip pelaporan bug"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:158(text)
+msgid "bugreporting-en_US.xml"
+msgstr "bugreporting-en_US.xml"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:165(comment)
+msgid "Name of project"
+msgstr "Nama Projek"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:171(comment)
+msgid "Name of installation documentation"
+msgstr "Nama dokumen instalasi"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:172(text)
+msgid "Installation Guide"
+msgstr "Petunjuk Instalasi"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:175(comment)
+msgid "Name of documentation documentation"
+msgstr "Nama dokumen dokumentasi"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:176(text)
+msgid "Documentation Guide"
+msgstr "Petunjuk Dokumentasi"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:181(comment)
+msgid "URL for IG"
+msgstr "URL untuk IG"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:185(comment)
+msgid "URL for DocG"
+msgstr "URL untuk DocG"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:191(comment)
+msgid "Notice of draft content"
+msgstr "Pengumuman untuk isi konsep"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:192(text)
+msgid "draftnotice-en_US.xml"
+msgstr "draftnotice-en_US.xml"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:195(comment)
+msgid "Notice of legacy content"
+msgstr "Pengumuman untuk isi legasi"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:196(text)
+msgid "legacynotice-en_US.xml"
+msgstr "legacynotice-en_US.xml"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:199(comment)
+msgid "Notice of obsolescence"
+msgstr "Pengumuman untuk obsolensi"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:200(text)
+msgid "obsoletenotice-en_US.xml"
+msgstr "obsoletenotice-en_US.xml"
+#: entities-en_US.xml:203(comment)
+msgid "Notice of deprecation"
+msgstr "Pemberitahuan "
+#: entities-en_US.xml:204(text)
+msgid "deprecatednotice-en_US.xml"
+msgstr "deprecatednotice-en_US.xml"
+#. Put one translator per line, in the form of NAME <EMAIL>, YEAR1, YEAR2.
+#: entities-en_US.xml:0(None)
+msgid "translator-credits"
+msgstr "Dapid Candra <>, 2008"