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* Prep for release of Keating2011-02-231-1/+11
* fedpkg requires rpm-build (#676973)Jesse Keating2011-02-131-1/+1
* Release Keating2011-02-091-1/+5
* Release Keating2011-02-091-3/+21
* Add changes from dist-gitJesse Keating2011-02-091-7/+29
* Require python-hashlib on EL5 and 4Jesse Keating2011-01-311-0/+1
* Release Keating2011-01-311-1/+20
* releaseDennis Gilmore2011-01-051-1/+4
* Prep for releaseJesse Keating2010-08-241-1/+5
* Prepare for releaseJesse Keating2010-08-231-1/+15
* Install the bash completion script in the packageJesse Keating2010-08-231-0/+1
* Split fedpkg into its own subpackageJesse Keating2010-08-231-7/+27
* update to Gilmore2010-08-121-1/+5
* bump to Gilmore2010-07-291-1/+9
* releaseDennis Gilmore2010-07-281-1/+4
* update to 0.5.0Dennis Gilmore2010-07-281-1/+4
* prep fedora-packager releaseDennis Gilmore2010-07-081-1/+4
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Gilmore2010-06-161-1/+1
| * Make sure we have the right verison of GitPythonJesse Keating2010-06-151-1/+1
* | setup for releaseDennis Gilmore2010-06-141-1/+6
* 0.4.2 releaseDennis Gilmore2010-03-231-6/+20
* clean up the %files section of the specDennis Gilmore2010-02-181-8/+1
* update spec file for test of 0.4.0Dennis Gilmore2010-02-181-3/+14
* Requires python-offtracDennis Gilmore2009-08-181-1/+1
* Add fedora-hostedjkeating@localhost.localdomain2009-08-041-1/+6
* update to 0.3.7Dennis Gilmore2009-07-301-1/+23
* update spec for 0.3.4Dennis Gilmore2009-06-221-6/+18
* clean up specDennis Gilmore2009-03-031-3/+4
* Sync spec file with 0.3.1-1 from rawhideTodd Zullinger2009-01-291-7/+12
* add scripts from wiki. they still need workDennis Gilmore2008-03-301-4/+8
* update specDennis Gilmore2008-03-201-4/+9
* use %{version} in specdennis@bratac.ausil.us2007-12-031-1/+1
* fix small typos in spec and comment of fedora-cvsdennis@bratac.ausil.us2007-12-031-3/+7
* 0.1 releasedennis@bratac.ausil.us2007-12-031-6/+8
* attempt to autotoolisedennis@bratac.ausil.us2007-12-031-2/+2
* add initial draft of script that does cvs checkouts for youdennis@bratac.ausil.us2007-11-201-3/+3
* add shell makefile that does nothing add spec file and update fedora-package...dennis@bratac.ausil.us2007-11-181-0/+47