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diff --git a/src/pyfedpkg/ b/src/pyfedpkg/
index 2694cb7..9d0865b 100644
--- a/src/pyfedpkg/
+++ b/src/pyfedpkg/
@@ -1264,13 +1264,20 @@ class PackageModule:
def gimmespec(self):
"""Return the name of a specfile within a package module"""
+ deadpackage = False
# Get a list of files in the path we're looking at
files = os.listdir(self.path)
# Search the files for the first one that ends with ".spec"
for f in files:
if f.endswith('.spec'):
return f
- raise FedpkgError('No spec file found.')
+ if f == 'dead.package':
+ deadpackage = True
+ if deadpackage:
+ raise FedpkgError('No spec file found. This package is retired')
+ else:
+ raise FedpkgError('No spec file found. Please import a new package')
def giturl(self):
"""Return the git url that would be used for building"""