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* delete wrongly committed unused code/dataDenys Vlasenko2011-02-101-30/+0
* abrt-gtk: make Delete key actually delete the dump dirDenys Vlasenko2011-02-103-4/+55
* abrt-gtk: add keyboard handler for delete keyDenys Vlasenko2011-02-101-8/+33
* change yes/no text to yes/no gtk iconsJiri Moskovcak2011-02-091-3/+3
* abrt-gtk: remove (unimplemented) info pane; clean up code a bitDenys Vlasenko2011-02-091-87/+67
* abrt-gtk: more cleanupsDenys Vlasenko2011-02-096-61/+61
* abrt-gtk: some cleanupsDenys Vlasenko2011-02-096-141/+86
* abrt-gtk: beginning of C rewrite of GUIJiri Moskovcak2011-02-096-0/+369