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* don't package SysV init scripts with systemdMiroslav Lichvar2011-06-091-38/+31
* add abrt-ccpp systemd service (trac#288)Miroslav Lichvar2011-06-093-3/+31
* move code from ccpp initscript to abrt-install-ccpp-hookMiroslav Lichvar2011-06-094-83/+111
* add abrt-oops systemd service (trac#287)Miroslav Lichvar2011-06-093-3/+29
* spec: fix service scriptletsMiroslav Lichvar2011-06-091-13/+10
* libreport: fixed licence headers in source codesJiri Moskovcak2011-06-0923-26/+268
* removed forgotten files which have been moved to libreportJiri Moskovcak2011-06-0910-3612/+0
* libreport: polished spec file to make rpmlint happyJiri Moskovcak2011-06-091-18/+20
* minor build fixesJiri Moskovcak2011-06-093-2/+15
* remove Retrace server codeMichal Toman2011-06-0925-2745/+2
* [abrt] whole code is moved to libreportNikola Pajkovsky2011-06-0925-1326/+0
* [libreport] new .gitignoreNikola Pajkovsky2011-06-091-0/+60
* split libreport to a separate packageJiri Moskovcak2011-06-08166-923/+62707
* abrt-hook-ccpp: need to include sys/utsname.hDenys Vlasenko2011-06-071-0/+1
* abrt-hook-ccpp: never pass %h corename spec and avoid passing %e if possibleDenys Vlasenko2011-06-072-10/+33
* wizard: hook selection checkboxes to reporters.Denys Vlasenko2011-06-0120-84/+366
* py-libreport: added compatibility with python-mehJiri Moskovcak2011-06-015-111/+178
* Merge branch 'oops/btparser'Nikola Pajkovsky2011-05-313-75/+93
| * rhzb#707074 abrt dupe detection needs to ignore some parts of kernel tracesNikola Pajkovsky2011-05-243-75/+93
* | src/report-python/report.c: Py wrappers around include/report/report.h APIDenys Vlasenko2011-05-246-22/+132
* | include/report/report.h: change API from having more functions to having more...Denys Vlasenko2011-05-244-100/+47
* | wizard: make checkbox column editable. Has no effect for nowDenys Vlasenko2011-05-241-27/+63
* | wizard: add checkbox cloumn to details viewDenys Vlasenko2011-05-241-40/+62
* | forgot one instance of s/"global_uuid"/"duphash"/Denys Vlasenko2011-05-241-1/+1
* | abrt-action-bugzilla: fold make_description_comment into its only callsiteDenys Vlasenko2011-05-243-42/+13
* run abrt-action-save-package-data before running bugzilla, if neededDenys Vlasenko2011-05-232-2/+7
* rename "global_uuid" element to "duphash"Denys Vlasenko2011-05-235-1/+10
* remove old commentDenys Vlasenko2011-05-231-1/+0
* obsolete report with libreport-pythonJiri Moskovcak2011-05-234-3/+27
* run_event: support VAR~=REGEX matchDenys Vlasenko2011-05-234-9/+44
* run_event: add comment. No code changesDenys Vlasenko2011-05-231-0/+7
* abrt-hook-ccpp: added a TODO comment. No code changesDenys Vlasenko2011-05-231-0/+2
* remove outdated abrt 1.x documentationDenys Vlasenko2011-05-238-407/+1
* assorted cleanups, memory leak fix (g_list_free in add_basics_to_problem_data)Denys Vlasenko2011-05-2210-120/+70
* retrace client: make strings translatable, send locale headers in HTTP requestsMichal Toman2011-05-201-104/+212
* more fixes to report C API (based on Denys's review)Jiri Moskovcak2011-05-203-73/+95
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Moskovcak2011-05-202-10/+76
| * retrace client: add --status-delay option (and be more verbose - trac #269)Michal Toman2011-05-202-10/+76
* | Merge branch 'master' of git:// Moskovcak2011-05-203-52/+71
|\ \ | |/
| * gui: fil colors in list; wizard: a bit better navigationDenys Vlasenko2011-05-193-52/+71
* | Merge branch 'master' of git:// Moskovcak2011-05-192-16/+39
|\ \ | |/
| * dump_dir: fix loading of Unicode texts. Closes bz#622223Denys Vlasenko2011-05-192-8/+28
| * wizard: Use better added_pages definitionDenys Vlasenko2011-05-191-8/+11
* | Merge branch 'master' of git:// Moskovcak2011-05-191-2/+2
|\ \ | |/
| * wizart: fix my last broken changeDenys Vlasenko2011-05-191-2/+2
* | Merge branch 'master' of git:// Moskovcak2011-05-1916-237/+398
|\ \ | |/
| * Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Vlasenko2011-05-191-0/+3
| |\
| | * build: gtk_assistant_commit in not in rhel6 gtk2Nikola Pajkovsky2011-05-191-0/+3
| * | wizard: add empty line after each event log, add header at the start of the l...Denys Vlasenko2011-05-191-10/+18
| |/
| * move vector of pd's cod to cli, its only userDenys Vlasenko2011-05-194-26/+25