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@@ -311,12 +311,12 @@ msgid "List possible events [which start with PFX]"
msgstr "列出可能的事件 [以 PFX 開頭]"
#: ../src/daemon/abrt-handle-crashdump.c:64 ../src/daemon/abrt-server.c:298
-#: ../src/daemon/Daemon.cpp:528 ../src/gui-gtk/main.c:216
+#: ../src/daemon/abrtd.c:528 ../src/gui-gtk/main.c:216
#: ../src/gui-wizard-gtk/main.c:94
msgid "Add program names to log"
msgstr "加入程式名稱至紀錄檔"
-#: ../src/daemon/abrt-server.c:285 ../src/daemon/Daemon.cpp:513
+#: ../src/daemon/abrt-server.c:285 ../src/daemon/abrtd.c:513
msgid " [options]"
msgstr " [選項]"
@@ -324,21 +324,21 @@ msgstr " [選項]"
msgid "Use UID as client uid"
msgstr "使用 UID 作為客戶端 uid"
-#: ../src/daemon/Daemon.cpp:349
+#: ../src/daemon/abrtd.c:349
msgid ""
"The size of the report exceeded the quota. Please check system's "
"MaxCrashReportsSize value in abrt.conf."
msgstr "報告配額大小超出。請檢查您在 abrt.conf 中,系統的 MaxCrashReportsSize 數值。"
-#: ../src/daemon/Daemon.cpp:525
+#: ../src/daemon/abrtd.c:525
msgid "Do not daemonize"
msgstr "不要在幕後運行"
-#: ../src/daemon/Daemon.cpp:526
+#: ../src/daemon/abrtd.c:526
msgid "Log to syslog even with -d"
msgstr "即使加上 -d 參數也紀錄至 slslog"
-#: ../src/daemon/Daemon.cpp:527
+#: ../src/daemon/abrtd.c:527
msgid "Exit after SEC seconds of inactivity"
msgstr "在停止運作 SEC 秒後離開"