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* - moved correct retry logic into action processing queueRainer Gerhards2008-01-291-5/+0
* - improved debug support a bit (assertions)Rainer Gerhards2008-01-291-2/+2
* some cleanupRainer Gerhards2008-01-101-1/+1
* moved core threading helpers out of syslogd.cRainer Gerhards2007-12-141-9/+0
* changed license to GPLv3 (for what is to become rsyslog v3)Rainer Gerhards2007-12-141-7/+8
* fixed problem when compiling for single threading, fixed bug when compilingRainer Gerhards2007-12-141-5/+5
* optimized mutex macrosRainer Gerhards2007-12-111-0/+10
* added synchronization class to handle mutex-operations in the most portableRainer Gerhards2007-12-111-0/+52