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* moving towards autotools build system - config.h include forgotten & nowRainer Gerhards2007-07-111-0/+2
* some more unsigned char conversions...Rainer Gerhards2007-07-041-1/+1
* applied patch from Bartosz Kuzma to compile cleanly under NetBSD; changed aRainer Gerhards2007-07-031-5/+5
* prepared for new parse object; now removed allmost all liblogging borrowedRainer Gerhards2005-09-151-1/+1
* initial implementation of the counted string class completed (but so farRainer Gerhards2005-09-091-10/+12
* fixed some issues on FreeBSDRainer Gerhards2005-06-281-7/+0
* quick (&dirty) fix four outchannel.h under bsd - requires further fixing onRainer Gerhards2005-06-271-0/+8
* outchannel.c for 0.9.0 forgottenRainer Gerhards2005-06-271-0/+274