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* bugfix: discard action and backup actions did not work due to problem inRainer Gerhards2008-02-121-0/+1
* removed single-threading support for sending TCP messages; causedRainer Gerhards2007-12-201-10/+0
* - begun to create input module interface and macrosRainer Gerhards2007-12-141-0/+2
* changed license to GPLv3 (for what is to become rsyslog v3)Rainer Gerhards2007-12-141-7/+8
* added new modExit() entry point to loadable module interfaceRainer Gerhards2007-11-211-0/+5
* changed rsyslog.h include order to solve debian sid zlib inlcude issueMichael Meckelein2007-08-081-1/+1
* changed function name dprintf() to dbgprintf() as it conflicts with theRainer Gerhards2007-08-081-1/+1
* - added CODE_STD_FINALIZERparseSelectorAct to module-generation macrosRainer Gerhards2007-08-031-0/+1
* added tryResume() API to module interfaceRainer Gerhards2007-08-021-0/+4
* - changed modInit() interface to contain pointer to host-function queryRainer Gerhards2007-07-311-0/+3
* - added omsr object (objomsr.c, objomsr.h) - template request for outputRainer Gerhards2007-07-271-0/+1
* - implemented needUDPSocket() interfaceRainer Gerhards2007-07-261-0/+5
* - removed f_type from omshell.c, omdiscard.c, omusrmsg.c, ommysql.cRainer Gerhards2007-07-261-1/+0
* - changed doAction() interface to include module data pointerRainer Gerhards2007-07-261-7/+1
* - implemented onSelectReadyWrite() interfaceRainer Gerhards2007-07-261-0/+8
* introduced getWriteFDForSelect() module APIRainer Gerhards2007-07-251-0/+5
* added new function dbgPrintInstInfo() to omod interfaceRainer Gerhards2007-07-251-0/+6
* changed output modules to use a template-based code generation system forRainer Gerhards2007-07-251-72/+39
* added freeInstance() call to output module interface; re-structuredRainer Gerhards2007-07-241-3/+12
* moved discard functionality to an output moduleRainer Gerhards2007-07-241-0/+125