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* - added PUSHMSGVAR operationRainer Gerhards2008-02-251-1/+2
* - improved diagnostic information for abort casesRainer Gerhards2008-02-121-0/+3
* implemented naming for all objects (mostly as a debug aid, but you neverRainer Gerhards2008-01-291-1/+3
* - improved debug support a bit (assertions)Rainer Gerhards2008-01-291-0/+2
* implemented the $ActionResumeRetryCount config directiveRainer Gerhards2008-01-281-0/+3
* - added "runtime instrumentation" feature to ./configureRainer Gerhards2008-01-281-4/+4
* improved last execution line tracking a bitRainer Gerhards2008-01-281-2/+3
* added capability to record last known exec location in debug stack dumpRainer Gerhards2008-01-281-10/+26
* more improvements and bug fixesRainer Gerhards2008-01-241-10/+11
* improved debugging support (faster, less memory used, function invocationRainer Gerhards2008-01-241-13/+46
* looks like the first actually usable debug class is doneRainer Gerhards2008-01-231-0/+1
* bug fixes and improvementsRainer Gerhards2008-01-231-6/+6
* added mutex debug instrumentationRainer Gerhards2008-01-231-0/+26
* added thread-specific call stack to debug interfaceRainer Gerhards2008-01-221-0/+19
* added debug support classRainer Gerhards2008-01-221-0/+36