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* - added new facility and severity syntaxes to cfsysline handlerRainer Gerhards2008-02-141-0/+2
* - implemented new GetSize() handler for config filesRainer Gerhards2008-01-091-0/+1
* changed license to GPLv3 (for what is to become rsyslog v3)Rainer Gerhards2007-12-141-7/+8
* code cleanupRainer Gerhards2007-12-071-0/+1
* added support so that linkedlist key can be used for owner handleRainer Gerhards2007-11-211-4/+0
* added an identifier to command handler table - need to identify whichRainer Gerhards2007-11-211-1/+5
* - added eCmdHdlrGetWord command handlerRainer Gerhards2007-09-071-1/+2
* applied patches which will be released under 1.19.1, changed doc for 1.19.1v1-19-1Michael Meckelein2007-08-221-0/+1
* - some more code cleanupRainer Gerhards2007-08-011-16/+3
* - all cfsysline directives now use new table-driven cfsysline system exceptRainer Gerhards2007-07-311-1/+1
* omfile.c now uses the new table-driven cfsysline systemRainer Gerhards2007-07-311-0/+1
* - got the basic code in place to create an in-memory list of cfsyslineRainer Gerhards2007-07-311-2/+3
* - added interface to register a cfsysline command handler (basicRainer Gerhards2007-07-311-0/+2
* prepared cfsysline.c for integration into output modulesRainer Gerhards2007-07-311-6/+5
* - added doCustomHdlr() to cfsysline.c - this completes implementingRainer Gerhards2007-07-311-0/+1
* - added doGetInt() to cfsysline.c and adapted dynaFileChaceSize handler toRainer Gerhards2007-07-311-0/+2
* - moved the SetCCEscapeCharacter config file directive to cfsysline.c andRainer Gerhards2007-07-311-1/+1
* - moved umask & file/dir creation mode parsing to cfsysline.cRainer Gerhards2007-07-311-0/+2
* moved doGetGID() to cfsysline.cRainer Gerhards2007-07-311-0/+1
* moved doBinaryOption() and doGetGUID() to cfsysline.cRainer Gerhards2007-07-301-0/+4
* - added cfsysline objects - initial set of functionsRainer Gerhards2007-07-301-0/+68