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@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ versions. It applies to versions 1.0.0 and above. Versions below that
are all unstable and have a different naming schema.</p>
<p><b>Please note that version naming is currently being
changed. There is a
-<a href="">blog
+<a href="">blog
post about future rsyslog versions</a>.</b></p>
<p>The major version is incremented whenever a considerate, major
features have been added. This is expected to happen quite infrequently.</p>
@@ -127,4 +127,4 @@ expected to happen quite infrequently.</p>
<p>In general, the unstable branch carries all new development.
Once it concludes with a sufficiently-enhanced, quite stable version, a
new major stable version is assigned.</p>
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