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Version 6.3.7 [DEVEL] 2011-0?-??
+- imported refactored v5.9.6 imklog linux driver, now combined with BSD
+ driver
+- bugfix: bsd klog driver did no longer compile
- removed imtemplate/omtemplate template modules, as this was waste of time
The actual input/output modules are better copy templates. Instead, the
now-removed modules cost time for maintenance AND often caused confusion
@@ -344,6 +347,11 @@ expected that interfaces, even new ones, break during the initial
[ported from v4]
Version 5.9.6 [V5-DEVEL], 2012-??-??
+- refactored imklog linux driver, now combined with BSD driver
+ The Linux driver no longer supports outdated kernel symbol resolution,
+ which was disabled by default for very long. Also overall cleanup,
+ resulting in much smaller code. Linux and BSD are now covered by a
+ single small driver.
- $IMUXSockRateLimitInterval DEFAULT CHANGED, was 5, now 0
The new default turns off rate limiting. This was chosen as people
experienced problems with rate-limiting activated by default. Now it