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preparing for release 1.15.0v1-15-0
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-Version 1.15.0 (RGer), 2007-07-??
+Version 1.15.0 (RGer), 2007-07-05
- added ability to dynamically generate file names based on templates
and thus properties. This was a much-requested feature. It makes
- life easy when it eG comes to splitting files based on the sender
+ life easy when it e.g. comes to splitting files based on the sender
- added $umask and $FileCreateMode config file directives
- applied a patch from Bartosz Kuzma to compile cleanly under NetBSD
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@@ -115,8 +115,6 @@ most</b></code></p>
<p>Numbers are always in decimal. Leading zeros should be avoided (in some later
version, they may be mis-interpreted as being octal). Multiple directives may be
given. They are applied to selector lines based on order of appearance.</p>
-<p><font color="#FF0000"><b>This value can be specified,&nbsp; but currently has
-no effect. The necessary background code is not yet implemented.</b></font></p>
<p>Templates are a key feature of rsyslog. They allow to specify any format a user
might want. They are also used for dynamic file name generation. Every output in rsyslog uses templates - this holds true for files,
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<h2>rsyslog status page</h2>
-<p>This page reflects the status as of 2007-07-03.</p>
+<p>This page reflects the status as of 2007-07-05.</p>
<h2>Current Releases</h2>
-<p><b>development:</b> 1.14.2 - <a href="">
-change log</a> -
-<a href="">download</a></p>
+<p><b>development:</b> 1.15.0 - <a href="">change log</a> -
+<a href="">download</a></p>
<p><b>stable:</b> 1.0.4 - <a href="">change log</a> -
<a href="">download</a></p>
<p>&nbsp;(<a href="version_naming.html">How are versions named?</a>)</p>
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@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ FEATURE_PTHREADS=1
# Enable debug mode (much slower code)
# The following defines tell us where liblogging is located. This
# is only needed if we build with RFC 3195 support. By default,