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* replaced sevelar plugins with bundlesMichal Minar2014-09-283-288/+0
* removed deprecated filesMichal Minar2014-09-283-2798/+0
* added exvim bundleMichal Minar2014-09-2810-4887/+0
* lot of plugin changesMichal Minar2013-04-031-65/+0
* clean ups, lot of plugin additionsMichal Minar2012-09-083-5557/+0
* SudoEdit now in bundlesMichal Minář2012-02-161-52/+0
* added plugin SudoEditMichal Minář2012-02-161-0/+52
* using pathogen to load pluginsMichal Minář2012-02-045-5828/+0
* installed some plugins, some tweaksMichal Minář2012-02-042-0/+1000
* initial commitMichal Minář2012-01-2824-0/+18880