path: root/.mrconfig
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* Properly initialize calibre libraryMichal Minář2016-09-111-2/+8
* Initialize tpm tmux plugin on mr updateMichal Minář2016-08-091-1/+1
* tmux: fixed plugin initializationMichal Minář2016-08-091-1/+1
* mrconfig: init submodules of rcs on checkoutMichal Minář2016-08-081-1/+1
* mrconfig: added aco (annex checkout command)Michal Minar2016-01-061-1/+5
* mrconfig: fixed scripts pathMichal Minar2015-12-191-1/+1
* make_links: renamed to make-linksMichal Minar2015-10-311-1/+1
* mrconfig: skip vim plugins updateMichal Minar2015-10-311-1/+1
* mrconfig: lots of update and fixesMichal Minar2015-10-311-13/+27
* mrconfig: Added /usr/local/bin/scriptsMichal Minar2015-10-041-0/+5
* mrconfig: update mpd's database after ~/Music updateMichal Minar2015-09-211-0/+1
* Added .mrconfigMichal Minar2015-09-191-0/+122