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* Fix template thingyIan Weller2008-09-283-5/+5
* Set up template lister/checkerIan Weller2008-09-281-3/+31
* Add options to frontendIan Weller2008-09-281-2/+20
* Move frontend, write exec scriptIan Weller2008-09-284-236/+21
* Do all sorts of fun reorganizationIan Weller2008-09-2812-102/+326
* Start modularizingIan Weller2008-09-275-22/+0
* Minor housekeepingIan Weller2008-09-271-9/+7
* Apply spoleeba's patch to remove InkscapeIan Weller2008-09-272-7/+30
* Add back.png to Makefile and fix thingsIan Weller2008-08-091-4/+7
* Add back.svgIan Weller2008-08-091-0/+30
* Add target for 1/16" bleedIan Weller2008-08-042-1/+110
* Add clean target to MakefileIan Weller2008-08-031-0/+3
* Add PNG files to .gitignoreIan Weller2008-08-031-0/+1
* Create crude MakefileIan Weller2008-08-031-0/+12
* Add COPYING file with GPLv2Ian Weller2008-08-031-0/+339
* Import code and template, add .gitignoreIan Weller2008-08-033-0/+427