BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterintg: Fix RFC2307bis group member creationNikolai Kondrashov3 years
native_ipa_sudoSUDO: Support the IPA schemaMichal Šrubař3 years
opensslcrypto: Port libcrypto code to openssl-1.1Lukas Slebodnik2 years
sssd-1-10Check slot validity before MC_SLOT_TO_PTR.Michal Zidek5 years
sssd-1-11pysss_nss_idmap: Use wrapper for older pythonLukas Slebodnik3 years
sssd-1-12GPO: fix memory leakPavel Reichl3 years
sssd-1-13intg: Fix RFC2307bis group member creationNikolai Kondrashov3 years
sssd-1-5SIGCHLD handler: do not call callback when pvt data where freedPavel Březina6 years
sssd-1-8sysdb: try dealing with binary-content attributesJan Engelhardt6 years
sssd-1-9Updating version for 1.9.8Jakub Hrozek4 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  sssd-1_13_1.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_1.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek3 years  sssd-1_13_0.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_0.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek4 years  sssd-1_13_0_alpha.tar.gz  sssd-1_13_0_alpha.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek4 years  sssd-1_12_90.tar.gz  sssd-1_12_90.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek4 years  sssd-1_12_5.tar.gz  sssd-1_12_5.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek4 years  sssd-1_12_4.tar.gz  sssd-1_12_4.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek4 years  sssd-1_12_3.tar.gz  sssd-1_12_3.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek4 years  sssd-1_9_7.tar.gz  sssd-1_9_7.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek4 years  sssd-1_12_2.tar.gz  sssd-1_12_2.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek4 years  sssd-1_11_7.tar.gz  sssd-1_11_7.tar.xz  Jakub Hrozek5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2015-10-09intg: Fix RFC2307bis group member creationHEADmasterNikolai Kondrashov1-14/+7
2015-10-09intg: Reduce sssd.conf duplication in test_ldap.pyNikolai Kondrashov1-95/+45
2015-10-09intg: Split LDAP test fixtures for flexibilityNikolai Kondrashov1-30/+83
2015-10-09intg: Add support for specifying all user attrsNikolai Kondrashov1-12/+39
2015-10-09intg: Get base DN from LDAP connection objectNikolai Kondrashov2-5/+5
2015-10-09tests: Fix compilation warningJakub Hrozek1-8/+8
2015-10-08sss_override: steal msgs string to objsPavel Březina1-0/+9
2015-10-08sss_override: explicitly set ret = EOKPavel Březina1-0/+2
2015-10-08sss_override: fix comment describing formatPavel Březina1-1/+1
2015-10-08intg: fix typosPavel Březina1-8/+8