BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
automakeGenerate everythingJan Safranek12 years
automake-and-spec-tuningGenerate .tar.bz2 on 'make dist'Jan Safranek12 years
devel/automake-updatesCheck for PAM headers and librariesJan Safranek11 years
devel/cgdeleteRefactor cgclear to use new recursive deleteJan Safranek11 years
devel/config3Clean up the init scriptJan Safranek11 years
devel/doxygen3Add documentation main pageJan Safranek11 years
fix-initscriptsMove binaries and libraries to /bin and /libJan Safranek12 years
masterlibcgroup: Fix coding style issues in config.cDhaval Giani11 years
review/daemon-execHi,Jan Safranek11 years