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* Add the man(5) pages to the spec filesssd-0_4_0Stephen Gallagher2009-06-031-0/+1
* Build non-versioned, and memberof.soStephen Gallagher2009-05-281-5/+1
* Initial gettext framework for sss_clientsStephen Gallagher2009-05-261-1/+2
* Clean up automake build to work on older versions of libtoolStephen Gallagher2009-05-261-27/+15
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | LT_INIT is supported only on Libtool >= 2.0, so I reverted it to using AC_PROG_LIBTOOL. Also reorganized how the common libraries were being built. Now they are treated as libtool convenience libraries instead of installable libraries (the --with-singlelib configure flag can still be used to generate a combined, installable DSO) I cleaned up the set of files being installed by automake, so the list of things we need to remove before packaging the RPM is now only the .la files associated with our own plugins.
* Fix spec fileSimo Sorce2009-05-191-2/+11
| | | | | | Dist must be optional Make sure to mark sssd.conf config_noreplace Set appropriate permissions on database and pipes directories
* Fix RPM generation issues with sssdStephen Gallagher2009-05-191-15/+4
| | | | | | | | | | | Ensures that the common libraries build statically. Also ensures that the sssd.spec creates the SYSV init script with the appropriate permissions. Cleans up the useless rpmdist target that was obsolete. Adds the *.so.N.0.0 files to the RPM, as the .so and .so.N files were dangling symlinks.
* Convert top-level of SSSD to automake.Stephen Gallagher2009-05-191-0/+182
Also update RPM spec and build procedures.