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* Remove incorrect private variableStephen Gallagher2011-08-011-1/+1
* ipa_dyndns: Use sockaddr_storage for storing IP addressesJakub Hrozek2011-07-051-12/+17
* Log nsupdate messageJakub Hrozek2011-06-301-0/+3
* Fixes for dynamic DNS updateSumit Bose2011-03-071-16/+87
* Use new LDAP connection framework in IPA dynamic DNS forwarder.eindenbom2010-07-091-38/+122
* Remove signal event if child was terminated by a signalSumit Bose2010-05-271-1/+8
* Add dynamic DNS updates to FreeIPAStephen Gallagher2010-05-161-0/+580
* Revert "Add dynamic DNS updates to FreeIPA"Stephen Gallagher2010-05-071-580/+0
* Add dynamic DNS updates to FreeIPAStephen Gallagher2010-05-071-0/+580