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* Allow configuration of the SSSD through /etc/sssd/sssd.confStephen Gallagher2009-04-131-88/+0
* Change the way we retrieve domainsSimo Sorce2009-04-081-0/+1
* Split modules types in Identity and AuthenticatorSimo Sorce2009-04-071-21/+29
* added PAM default configuration to confdb_init_dbSumit Bose2009-03-061-1/+1
* Adding InfoPipe entry to config.ldif exampleStephen Gallagher2009-02-251-0/+6
* added more ldap backend options and an example configurationSumit Bose2009-02-251-0/+15
* Change examples accordingly to changes in the codeSimo Sorce2009-02-201-5/+6
* Regroup database rleated functions under db andSimo Sorce2009-01-121-1/+1
* Use a unified base (temp. dc=sssd), for all domain including LOCAL.Simo Sorce2009-01-111-5/+5
* Turn ldap_provider.c into proxy.c and make it possible to load just anySimo Sorce2009-01-111-0/+3
* Add current test ldap provider configuration example.Simo Sorce2009-01-071-0/+7
* Make a binary out of each major sssd component instead ofSimo Sorce2008-11-251-2/+2
* Update example configSimo Sorce2008-11-211-0/+2
* Update config example with data providerSimo Sorce2008-11-201-0/+5
* Store all domains served by the SSSD to a binary-tree map for fast NSS lookup.Stephen Gallagher2008-11-071-0/+18
* Update config.ldif exampleSimo Sorce2008-11-051-0/+6
* Make return the pid when new process are started.Simo Sorce2008-10-211-1/+1
* Add example ldifs to bootstrap the serverSimo Sorce2008-10-211-0/+16