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* Convert top-level of SSSD to automake.Stephen Gallagher2009-05-191-5/+30
| | | | Also update RPM spec and build procedures.
* Update RPM build for configuration changesStephen Gallagher2009-04-131-40/+29
* Remove our copies of the samba libraries.Simo Sorce2009-02-261-4/+26
| | | | | | | Packages are already available in debian unstable and will soon land in Fedora. See BUILD.TXT for details. We still keep libreplace as we still use its configure macros, until we find time to extract only waht we need and have our own macros.
* Add PAM clientSumit Bose2009-02-241-3/+17
| | | | | | | Also rename nss_client to sss_client and reuse the same pipe protocol for both the NSS and PAM client libraries. Signed-off-by: Simo Sorce <>
* We need to export while building when using shared-build or dependencies willSimo Sorce2009-01-051-1/+2
| | | | not be correctly found.
* Add some basic instructions on how to build sssd.Simo Sorce2008-10-071-0/+42