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diff --git a/common/collection/collection.h b/common/collection/collection.h
index 7de17d2e2..5483c1381 100644
--- a/common/collection/collection.h
+++ b/common/collection/collection.h
@@ -544,9 +544,11 @@ int col_iterate_collection(struct collection_iterator *iterator,
* collection 'level' levels up.
* The 'Level' parameter indicates how many levels up you want to jump.
* If 0 - call is a no op.
- * If the depth is less than requested level function will return error EINVAL.
+ * If the depth is less then requested level the iterator will
+ * get to the 0 level and next call to col_iterate_collection
+ * will return NULL item.
-int col_iterate_up(struct collection_iterator *iterator, int level);
+int col_iterate_up(struct collection_iterator *iterator, unsigned level);
/* How deep are we relative to the top level.
* This function might report depth that might look misleading.