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Use version.m4 for setting the SSSD version
This is the preferred way of setting the version in a file, as autotools will properly monitor this file for changes and rerun autoconf/configure when necessary to update the version. This means that we don't need to manually perform an autoreconf in order to build a new RPM
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+# Primary version number
+m4_define([VERSION_NUMBER], [1.0.99])
+# If the PRERELEASE_VERSION_NUMBER is set, we'll append
+# it to the release tag when creating an RPM or SRPM
+# This is intended for build systems to create snapshot
+# RPMs. The format should be something like:
+# .20090915gitf1bcde7
+# and would result in an SRPM looking like:
+# sssd-0.5.0-0.20090915gitf1bcde7.fc11.src.rpm