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authorSimo Sorce <>2009-04-07 19:25:48 -0400
committerSimo Sorce <>2009-04-08 10:55:03 -0400
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Change the way we retrieve domains
To be able to correctly filter out duplicate names when multiple non-fully qualified domains are in use we need to be able to specify the domains order. This is now accomplished by the configuration paramets 'domains' in the config/domains entry. 'domains' is a comma separated list of domain names. This paramter allows also to have disbaled domains in the configuration without requiring to completely delete them. The domains list is now kept in a linked list of sss_domain_info objects. The first domain is also the "default" domain.
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diff --git a/server/responder/common/responder.h b/server/responder/common/responder.h
index 4b6bfeee1..6f737a142 100644
--- a/server/responder/common/responder.h
+++ b/server/responder/common/responder.h
@@ -63,8 +63,7 @@ struct resp_ctx {
struct service_sbus_ctx *ss_ctx;
struct service_sbus_ctx *dp_ctx;
- struct btreemap *domain_map;
- char *default_domain;
+ struct sss_domain_info *domains;
struct sbus_method *sss_sbus_methods;
struct sss_cmd_table *sss_cmds;