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authorSimo Sorce <>2009-08-05 14:11:12 -0400
committerStephen Gallagher <>2009-08-10 09:42:20 -0400
commit11c621b5ee1a0cdc27610f8b172017764acc285e (patch)
tree181c9079440367711c66d7281fc0aecb458fee77 /server/responder/common/responder.h
parentf1e4471551aa74015579bff0b64735cc9b085b74 (diff)
Simplify interfaces initialization
Make as much as possible static, and remove use of talloc_reference and allocation/deallocation of memory when not necessary. Fix also responder use of rctx->conn, was mistakenly used for both monitor and dp connections.
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1 files changed, 5 insertions, 7 deletions
diff --git a/server/responder/common/responder.h b/server/responder/common/responder.h
index 5bde42acf..0f0908317 100644
--- a/server/responder/common/responder.h
+++ b/server/responder/common/responder.h
@@ -64,16 +64,14 @@ struct resp_ctx {
const char *sock_name;
const char *priv_sock_name;
- struct sbus_connection *conn;
- struct sbus_method_ctx *sm_ctx;
+ struct sbus_connection *mon_conn;
+ struct sbus_connection *dp_conn;
struct sss_domain_info *domains;
- struct sbus_method *sss_sbus_methods;
struct sss_cmd_table *sss_cmds;
const char *sss_pipe_name;
const char *confdb_service_path;
- struct sbus_method *dp_methods;
struct sss_names_ctx *names;
@@ -100,12 +98,12 @@ struct sss_cmd_table {
int sss_process_init(TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx,
struct tevent_context *ev,
struct confdb_ctx *cdb,
- struct sbus_method sss_sbus_methods[],
struct sss_cmd_table sss_cmds[],
const char *sss_pipe_name,
const char *sss_priv_pipe_name,
const char *confdb_service_path,
- struct sbus_method dp_methods[],
+ struct sbus_interface *dp_intf,
+ struct sbus_interface *monitor_intf,
struct resp_ctx **responder_ctx);
int sss_parse_name(TALLOC_CTX *memctx,
@@ -119,7 +117,7 @@ int sss_cmd_get_version(struct cli_ctx *cctx);
struct cli_protocol_version *register_cli_protocol_version(void);
/* responder_dp.c */
-int sss_dp_init(struct resp_ctx *rctx, struct sbus_method dp_methods[]);
+int sss_dp_init(struct resp_ctx *rctx, struct sbus_interface *intf);
#define NSS_DP_USER 1
#define NSS_DP_GROUP 2