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BUILD: Disable dbus tests when running distcheck The dbus tests that mock an sbus server were failing when make distcheck was ran by a user logged in through the SSSD. The reason was that the libtool wrapper around the test library alters the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and as a consequence, the standard getpwuid_r() calls the dbus server performs would load the in-tree NSS library and not the system one. The-in tree library would then attempt to talk to an in-tree NSS socket, fail, which would fail the getpwuid_r call with an error such as: """ Could not get password database information for UID of current process: User "???" unknown or no memory to allocate password entry """ This patch adds a new configure-time option called --enable-dbus-tests that is enabled by default and disabled during distcheck. When the option is disabled, the tests that require a mocked dbus server are not compiled at all.
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