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AD: Set the bool value same as default value in opts When the option values are copied using dp_opt_copy_map, the .val member is used if it's not NULL. At the same time, the bool options are never NULL, unlike integers or strings that can have special NULL-like values such as NULL_STRING. This effectively means that when copying a bool option, the .val member is always used. But in the AD maps, some .val fields were set differently from the .def_val fields. The effect was that when the AD subdomain provider was initialized from IPA subdomain provider using only the defaults, some options (notably referral chasing) were set to a value that didn't make sense for the AD provider. This patch makes sure that for all boolean option, the .val is always the same as .def_val.
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--- a/
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@@ -1055,6 +1055,7 @@ auth_tests_LDADD = \
ipa_ldap_opt_tests_SOURCES = \
+ src/providers/data_provider_opts.c \
ipa_ldap_opt_tests_CFLAGS = \