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Remove our copies of the samba libraries.
Packages are already available in debian unstable and will soon land in Fedora. See BUILD.TXT for details. We still keep libreplace as we still use its configure macros, until we find time to extract only waht we need and have our own macros.
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@@ -2,6 +2,20 @@ Very Quick Guide to build sssd components
Use the following instructions to build the libraries and the binaries.
+sssd depends on 4 libraries originated in the samba project:
+talloc, tdb, tevent, ldb
+They are now available in major distribution development branches.
+If you have these libraries installed skip to <<Compiling sssd with system
+installed libraries>>
+If you want to build them from source download the latest samba master branch
+and use the following instructions
+Compiling libraries yourself
NOTE: these instructions are temporary and will most likely change agt some
point but so far the process I describe here is the best one to get something up
and working while developing this project.
@@ -17,10 +31,13 @@ its finally system library directory (ie build as user).
I use the following steps to build all pieces.
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/tmp/foo/lib
-pushd talloc; ./ && ./configure --with-shared-build-dir=/tmp/foo && make shared-build; popd
-pushd tdb; ./ && ./configure --with-shared-build-dir=/tmp/foo && make shared-build; popd
-pushd tevent; ./ && ./configure --with-shared-build-dir=/tmp/foo && make shared-build; popd
-pushd ldb; ./ && ./configure --with-shared-build-dir=/tmp/foo && make shared-build; popd
+pushd lib/talloc; ./ && ./configure --with-shared-build-dir=/tmp/foo && make shared-build; popd
+pushd lib/tdb; ./ && ./configure --with-shared-build-dir=/tmp/foo && make shared-build; popd
+pushd lib/tevent; ./ && ./configure --with-shared-build-dir=/tmp/foo && make shared-build; popd
+pushd source4/lib/ldb; ./ && ./configure --with-shared-build-dir=/tmp/foo && make shared-build; popd
+Compiling sssd using shared-build
pushd server; ./ && ./configure --with-shared-build-dir=/tmp/foo && make; popd
At this point you can start testing the sssd daemon this way:
@@ -31,7 +48,12 @@ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/tmp/foo/lib
This will start the sssd daemon in interactive mode.
+Compiling sssd with system installed libraries
+pushd server; ./ && ./configure && make; popd
+Compiling client libraries
The nss and pam client doesn't need any dependency nor supports the
shared-build option.