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authorSumit Bose <>2013-10-18 15:54:22 +0200
committerJakub Hrozek <>2013-10-22 19:19:27 +0200
commit1c5f20197aaee1cb0a012db1b8436d6c7dae88cf (patch)
parent94162ba56beae14f03c4d4b774bf133f469535cd (diff)
sdap_get_generic_ext_send: check if we a re still connected
At the beginning of a LDAP request we check if we are connecte and have a valid sdap handle. But for some requests more than one LDAP operation, typically a search, is needed. Due to the asynchronous handling of LDAP request it might be possible that a second request might detect a server error and close the connection while the first request just finished one LDAP search and wants to start a new LDAP search. This patch tries to make sure that there is a valid sdap handle before sending a LDAP search to the server. Fixes
1 files changed, 7 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/src/providers/ldap/sdap_async.c b/src/providers/ldap/sdap_async.c
index 32763d2e6..9267d9405 100644
--- a/src/providers/ldap/sdap_async.c
+++ b/src/providers/ldap/sdap_async.c
@@ -1177,6 +1177,13 @@ sdap_get_generic_ext_send(TALLOC_CTX *memctx,
state->cb_data = cb_data;
state->clientctrls = clientctrls;
+ if (state->sh == NULL || state->sh->ldap == NULL) {
+ ("Trying LDAP search while not connected.\n"));
+ tevent_req_error(req, EIO);
+ tevent_req_post(req, ev);
+ return req;
+ }
/* Be extra careful and never allow paging for BASE searches,
* even if requested.