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Primary server support: man page, failover section
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The failover feature allows back ends to automatically switch to
- a different server if the primary server fails.
+ a different server if the current server fails.
<refsect2 id='failover_syntax'>
<title>Failover Syntax</title>
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listed in order of preference. The list can contain any number
of servers.
+ <para>
+ For each failover-enabled config option, two variants exist:
+ <emphasis>primary</emphasis> and <emphasis>backup</emphasis>.
+ The idea is that servers in the primary list are preferred and
+ backup servers are only searched if no primary servers can be
+ reached. If a backup server is selected, a timeout of 30 seconds
+ is set. After this timeout SSSD will periodically try to reconnect
+ to one of the primary servers. If it succeeds, it will replace
+ the current active (backup) server.
+ </para>
<refsect2 id='failover_mechanism'>
<title>The Failover Mechanism</title>