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+.hys 50
+.TH "rancid_intro" "1" "22 Jan 2001"
+rancid_intro \- introduction to the Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ
+.B rancid
+is really more than just a Cisco configuration differ. It handles several
+different device's configurations; currently including Cisco, Foundry,
+Juniper, Redback, and the ADC-Kentrox EZ-T3 mux.
+.B rancid
+uses an expect script to login to a list of devices and run a set of
+commands for that device-type and collects the output. The output
+is run through some filtering to summarize, reformat, and/or snip
+unwanted or security related data such as temperature and easily reverse-able
+Named after the device's name in the group's configuration file, the
+resulting files are saved in the directory <group>/configs. Except for the
+data filtered from the configuration file for security reasons, such as
+reversable passwords, these files are suitable for loading directly to restore
+a lost configuration. See
+.BR env (5)
+for more information on <group>'s.
+After filtering, a uni-diff (see diff(1)) of the result is produced
+for each of the devices in a group against that of the previous run of
+.B rancid
+and is e-mailed to that group's mail list, "rancid-<group>". This e-mail
+will also include any differences of the device list in the group's
+configuration file,
+.IR "router.db".
+Lastly, all the updated files are checked into the CVS repository.
+Additional utilities, including a looking glass, can be found under
+the util sub-directory.
+Below is a sample of a uni-diff produced from the group "shrubbery"
+for the device named, which happens to be a Cisco GSR.
+From: rancid
+Subject: shrubbery router config diffs
+Precedence: bulk
+Index: configs/
+retrieving revision 1.144
+diff -u -4 -r1.144
+@@ -57,14 +57,8 @@
+ !Slot 2/MBUS: hvers 1.1
+ !Slot 2/MBUS: software 01.36 (RAM) (ROM version is 01.33)
+ !Slot 2/MBUS: 128 Mbytes DRAM, 16384 Kbytes SDRAM
+ !
+- !Slot 6: 1 Port Gigabit Ethernet
+- !Slot 6/PCA: part 73-3302-03 rev C0 ver 3, serial CAB031216OL
+- !Slot 6/PCA: hvers 1.1
+- !Slot 6/MBUS: part 73-2146-07 rev B0 dev 0, serial CAB031112SB
+- !Slot 6/MBUS: hvers 1.2
+- !Slot 6/MBUS: software 01.36 (RAM) (ROM version is 01.33)
+ !Slot 7: Route Processor
+ !Slot 7/PCA: part 73-2170-03 rev B0 ver 3, serial CAB024901SI
+ !Slot 7/PCA: hvers 1.4
+ !Slot 7/MBUS: part 73-2146-06 rev A0 dev 0, serial CAB02060044
+In this example, we see that a Gigabit Ethernet linecard was removed
+from slot 6. Since this data is collected from "show" commands on the
+router, it could just as easily be that the card crashed so the RP
+can not communicate with it to collect information.
+Installation instructions are included in the distribution's top-level
+directory in the README file. Once the installation is complete, start
+by reading the man pages listed below or follow the basic instructions
+included in the README file.
+See for information on new versions,
+mail lists, etc.
+.B rancid
+can be retrieved from
+Follow this procdure for adding new groups:
+Update the
+variable in
+.IR bin/env
+.BR env (5)).
+.BR create_cvs (1).
+Update the system's mail aliases file
+.IR /etc/aliases (
+.BR env (5)).
+.BR cloginrc (5),
+.BR clogin (1),
+.BR control_rancid (1),
+.BR env (5),
+.BR do-diffs (1),
+.BR lg_intro (1),
+.BR router.db (5) ,
+.BR rancid (1)