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@@ -45,7 +45,8 @@ The best method for adding groups is add the group name to
.BR env (5),
then run
-.B create_cvs.
+.B create_cvs. Do not create the directories manually, allow create_cvs
+to do it.
.BR cvs (1),
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@@ -99,11 +99,26 @@ improvement in speed. By default, this is not set.
Specified as a number of hours, OLDTIME defines how many hours should pass
since a successful collection of a device's configuration and when
.IR control_rancid (1)
-should start complaining about failures.
+should start complaining about failures. The value should be greater than
+the number of hours between do-diffs cron runs.
Default: 4
+Defines the number of rancid processes that
+.IR par (1)
+will start simultaneously as
+.IR control_rancid (1)
+attempts to perform collections. Raising this value will decrease the amount
+of time necessary for a complete collection of a (or all) rancid groups at the
+of system load. The default is relatively cautious. If collections are not
+completing quickly enough for users, use trial and error of speed versus
+system load to find a suitable value.
+Default: 5
Is a colon separate list of directory pathnames in the the file system
where rancid's
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@@ -70,6 +70,9 @@ A Extreme switch.
.B foundry
A Foundry router, switch, or router-switch.
+.B hp
+A HP switch such as the 2524 or 4108 procurve switches.
.B juniper
A Juniper router.