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@@ -1,9 +1,8 @@
-check s->connect construct
-finish SOAP handler
+write SOAP methods for http.c to use
clean up reconnect to lost asterisk server (socket reuse)
clean up debugmsg instances to add if (debug)
+deal with http non-conformity better, and act on POST MIME-type inputs
-'connected' flag; do not set until we get "authentication accepted' back from server
Check for module versions; do not run without modules installed
use a key? see loader.c in *
State maintenance modules
@@ -11,6 +10,3 @@ code formatting
tcpwrappers/access control/connect mask?
libtool/autoconf/automake support
SetInputFormat proxyaction?
-clean up autodisconnect vs. inputcomplete/outputcomplete
-deal with http non-conformity better
diff --git a/VERSIONS b/VERSIONS
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Added SSL Support (Remco Treffkorn, Mahesh Karoshi, John Todd; Tello Corp)
Added 'usessl' option for connecting to asterisk servers
Fixed proxykey pointer bug (Steve Davies)
+ Ditched autodisconnect handler property in favor of inputcomplete/outputcomplete
1.1pre2 Completely Modularized and Abstracted Input/Output formats
diff --git a/configs/astmanproxy.conf b/configs/astmanproxy.conf
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--- a/configs/astmanproxy.conf
+++ b/configs/astmanproxy.conf
@@ -5,8 +5,8 @@
; List of asterisk host(s) you want to proxy
; host = ip_addr, port, user, secret, events, use_ssl
host = localhost, 5038, dave, moo, on, off
-host =, 5038, dave, moo, on, on
+;host =, 5038, dave, moo, on, on
;host =, 5038, user, secret, on
;host = otherhost, 5038, user, secret, on
;host = newhost, 5030, user, secret, off
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ sslclienthellotimeout = 200
acceptencryptedconnection = yes
; Do we accept unencrypted manager connections?
-acceptunencryptedconnection = no
+acceptunencryptedconnection = yes
; Amount of time to wait before timing out on writes to asterisk
diff --git a/configs/astmanproxy.users b/configs/astmanproxy.users
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--- a/configs/astmanproxy.users
+++ b/configs/astmanproxy.users
@@ -1,2 +1,10 @@
+; Astmanproxy user list
+; Reload permissions by sending a SIGHUP
+; "user" is the username, secret is the password, and the (optional)
+; channel setting causes filtering of events only for the specified
+; channel to be sent to this user.
; user=secret,channel,out_context (to Asterisk),in_context (From Asterisk)
diff --git a/samples/httpast2.html b/samples/httpast2.html
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@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
+<h3>Sample Astmanproxy HTTP Input</h3>
+This version uses the GET method with an HTTPS action. Be sure
+you have acceptencryptedconnections=yes in astmnanproxy.conf.
+<FORM ACTION="https://localhost:1234" METHOD=GET>
+Server: <input type=text name=Server value=""><br>
+Action: <input name="Action" type="text" value="Ping"><br>
+ActionID: <input name="ActionID" type="text" value="Foo"><br>
+<input type=submit><br>