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@@ -13,14 +13,15 @@ proxy of some kind. Why? A proxy offers:
- Less connections and networking load for asterisk
This proxy began as the the perl/select based "" and
-has since evolved into a full multithreaded quasi-stateful proxy
-based in c/pthreads. It is now capable of serving as the basis for
-an extensible application framework for multiple Asterisk servers.
+has since evolved into a full multithreaded stateful proxy written
+in c/pthreads. It can serve as the basis for an extensible
+application framework for communication with multiple Asterisk
Features include:
- Multiple Input/Output formats: HTTP, XML, CSV, and Standard
- - SSL Support (including HTTPS)
+ - SSL Support for clients & servers (including HTTPS clients)
- API for addition of new, modular I/O formats
- Ability to support communication with multiple Asterisk Servers
- I/O Formats selectable on a per-client basis