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diff --git a/fmt.h b/fmt.h
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+#ifndef FMT_H
+#define FMT_H
+#define FMT_ULONG 40 /* enough space to hold 2^128 - 1 in decimal, plus \0 */
+#define FMT_LEN ((char *) 0) /* convenient abbreviation */
+extern unsigned int fmt_uint(char *,unsigned int);
+extern unsigned int fmt_uint0(char *,unsigned int,unsigned int);
+extern unsigned int fmt_xint(char *,unsigned int);
+extern unsigned int fmt_nbbint(char *,unsigned int,unsigned int,unsigned int,unsigned int);
+extern unsigned int fmt_ushort(char *,unsigned short);
+extern unsigned int fmt_xshort(char *,unsigned short);
+extern unsigned int fmt_nbbshort(char *,unsigned int,unsigned int,unsigned int,unsigned short);
+extern unsigned int fmt_ulong(char *,unsigned long);
+extern unsigned int fmt_xlong(char *,unsigned long);
+extern unsigned int fmt_nbblong(char *,unsigned int,unsigned int,unsigned int,unsigned long);
+extern unsigned int fmt_plusminus(char *,int);
+extern unsigned int fmt_minus(char *,int);
+extern unsigned int fmt_0x(char *,int);
+extern unsigned int fmt_str(char *,char *);
+extern unsigned int fmt_strn(char *,char *,unsigned int);